The Benefits

To understand the TonerParts Benefits we must understand the different existing options:


Original cartridges are manufactured by the maker of the equipment you purchased (i.e. Hewlett- Packard, Canon, Xerox, Lexmark). They are usually manufactured using a combination of new and recycled parts at factories throughout the world. For example, on the box of an HP C4127X you can read: "This newly manufactured product may contain parts and materials recovered from the HP Planet Partners recycling program" and on the box of a Canon FX-4: "This cartridge may contain reconditioned parts and remolded materials." Though they contain reconditioned components they are called OEM and cost about double the price of remanufactured and compatible toners.

One important reason they carry the denomination of "original" is because they are manufactured by the holder of the patents that make it illegal for anybody else to manufacture these products brand new (plastic mold and all) or representing them as brand new. Sometimes it is possible to have more than one original brand for a given machine. This happens when a particular manufacturer has purchased or licensed a printer engine from another company for example as Dell has done with Lexmark and more recently with Samsung.


When it comes to remanufactured cartridges companies throughout the world use different approaches and quality standards in remanufacturing products. My twenty years of experience in the industry has helped me to understand the difference and to be able to recommend the best solution.

• Recycled Cartridges

The term "Recycled" is a generic term that does not necessarily refer to the process or technology used to manufacture a product. It obviously indicates that the cartridge is not a new original cartridge but it has been produced reusing some parts and material from previously used products. In other words, any cartridge that has been produced using parts and material recovered from previously used products can earn the name of "Recycled", regardless of the process or technology used. As mentioned before sometimes even OEM cartridges can qualify for this.

• Refilled Cartridges

"Refilled" indicates a remanufacturing process that consists mainly of gaining access to the toner or ink container of a cartridge (sometimes puncturing a hole, sometimes partially disassembling the cartridge) and refilling it with new ink or toner. The problem with this is that a cartridge has many components inside other than toner. To name a few, there is the magnetic roller that collects and distribute the toner; the photoconductor unit or drum that transfers the image on the paper; the wiper blade that removes excess toner from the drum; and many other gears and parts that are subject to wear and tear. To rework a cartridge this way is quite inexpensive but its quality and reliability are also uncertain. Many people that experienced problems with remanufactured cartridges and lost their faith in them have been using refilled cartridges without knowing these facts. This simplified remanufacturing process gives these companies the ability to price their products lower than many competitors that sell remanufactured cartridges.

• Compatible or Generic Toner And Inkjet Cartridges

A compatible printer cartridge is made from all new parts which are closely copied to mimic the original cartridge the compatible is trying to replace. None of the parts are recycled and all plastics, aluminum and other components are brand new. Compatible means that the cartridge will work with the specified equipment even though it is not made by the manufacturer of the equipment in question.

• Remanufactured Cartridges

A remanufactured printer cartridge is made from combination of new and recycled components.

- Completely disassembled
- All components inspected, separated and cleaned
- New drum installed
- New wiper blade installed
- New magnetic roller installed
- Toner container filled with new toner to original specifications Toner container sealed with pull-out strip to prevent leakage Cartridge reassembled and tested on proper equipment

These cartridges are in effect rebuilt from the ground up but the quality of the components used plays a vital role in the performance. However, using the cheapest after-market components or the highest quality parts makes a huge difference in the quality of the finished product..


TonerParts Technology believes you have a right to use whatever you choose for your equipment. That's why we carry original, remanufactured, and compatible supplies. Ultimately, TonerParts believes that remanufactured and compatible products are the best solution. They lower your overall cost of ownership, discounting by 50% and more the cost of the original products; helping businesses and helping the environment. In fact, using a recycled toner cartridge will lower a company’s carbon footprint by 46 %.

The average employee will print 12,500 pages annually, the equivalent of cutting a tree down, and will consume $1000 in toner.

Rather than recycle, which involves destroying the product to recover the materials for use in different products, remanufacturing brings that product back to a useable state for use in its original application. Cartridges are remanufactured when worn parts are replaced. A monochrome toner cartridge can be remanufactured on average 3.5 times, meaning the carbon footprint from the production of the original cartridge is amortized over this extended lifetime.

Remanufactured toner cartridges reduce waste, save natural resources, and cut costs by reusing empty cores and parts rather than disposing single-use products (OEMs). Also, OEMs are generally transported thousands of miles by sea and by truck before getting to the end user, coming from Japan, China or Thailand. Remanufacturing within the same region as the user has a major environmental impact.

A remanufactured printer cartridge is most frequently a better choice than a new compatible cartridge. While the re-manufactured printer cartridge starts from a high quality base, the compatible printer cartridge starts from the cheapest base.

Here is an analogy which applies in this case. If you are looking to buy a Ferrari, but are not willing to shell out the cash for a new car would you rather buy a genuine rebuilt Ferrari or a completely different car made to look like a Ferrari?

Printer Repairs

Like any piece of machinery, laser printers need occasional repairs. We offer printer repair services to businesses throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Our friendly and trained technicians can diagnose almost any problem. We will explain, in laymen's terms, what needs to be done. And we will do our best to minimize the disruption to your business while we fix your laser printer.

At a certain age, machines start to break-down. For our repeat customers, we will try to indicate when a laser printer is potentially reaching its end of life. This way you can plan ahead and avoid unwanted disruptions to your business.

Printer Sales

In some cases, it is more cost effective to purchase a new or refurbished laser printer. We have a number of makes and models in-house and can provide you with options should you wish to replace your broken laser printer. And we'll make sure that any printer you do buy will be able to handle any excess toner you still have on hand.

We also welcome any Vancouver Lower Mainland businesses interested in purchasing a laser printer. We've dealt with a wide variety of business. So, we know which makes and models work best in different work environments. Contact us and we'll help you make an educated decision on which printer to buy.


Our cartridges are made of high quality parts to minimize any issues and produce a great quality print. We guarantee for our customers, the highest quality and reliability in TonerParts products and services to ensure the trouble free printing you are accustomed to for your valuable equipment.

If you have not used remanufactured products before, or if you have used them and were disappointed, we suggest you try TonerParts cartridges. Select a business machine that is not mission critical for you and purchase an TonerParts cartridge plus an original for backup in case you are not happy with the results (we know this will not happen but you can see for yourself). When you see that our products are reliable, you can gradually switch over to TonerParts cartridges.

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